Holy heck, I’ve got a new blog! COME FOLLOW ME at STYLE PAWS!

One of my New Years resolutions is to blog more and blog better, so I’m starting fresh, detaching myself from what was my store (*tear*) and starting a clean, blank page. It feels gooooood. Change your bookmarks, add me to your bloglovin’ and keep in touch on Twitter, because I really want us to stay friends!


PS. Say wha?! A new e-mail address too? Crazy.

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make believe.

(Images from Sportsgirl.com.au)

It’s funny, I have seen sending this little questionnaire to many of my favourite bloggers over the last couple of weeks and I never once thought to post it on my own blog. Well, here you go!

Sportsgirl is all about celebrating dreams right now – and believing that they can come true! Fantasy, magic, surrealism – it’s all a part of this wonderland. This blogger badge is doing the rounds right now and if any of you would like to take part, I encourage you to answer the questions and share a lil bit about yourself on your own blog!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Everything from being a check out chick to a flight attendant to an Olympic gymnast. In between that, I wanted to be a power ranger, a music journalist or a fashion editor.

Did you make this dream come true or change your mind?
I dream of happiness and happy I am, so the answer to that is, yes. I am also lucky enough to love the hell out of my job – working as a fashion editor. (Turns out there were already enough power rangers in the world).

What is your fave childhood memory?
Home cooked fish and chips with the family, that my mum would wrap up in newspaper (to make it look like we’d bought them from the shop, which I found delightful), which we would eat across the road at the beach as the sun set.

The biggest dream you have right now?
I’m about to move house so right now, all I am dreaming about is curating the perfect space. I forever dream of travelling, Disneyland, more cats and a happy future.

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
I’m a little bit obsessed with the Hand Stitch Tank, the Hessian French Fry Tote and the Frankie Dress (all of which I think I must own!)

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little paws.

(Dress – ASOS; necklace – Sportsgirl; boots – Jeffrey Campbell; Cat – Indiana)

The closest thing to an outfit post I can manage for the time being. Been contemplating starting a new fashion blog that’s not connected to my (deceased) store and is a nice, fresh clean white slate (we all love a clean slate right?), but it’s kind of like moving house. It’s a big commitment. In the meantime, have some slack pics of a dress I bought that clearly needed more ironing.

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wild at heart.

(Image from ILoveWildfox)

I can see a pastel coloured summer on the horizon and I’d like to start with the above from Wildfox please.

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le smokin’ camilla & marc

camilla & marc SS12 “Paperback Lovers”

Excuse me while I lose my shit over camilla & marc’s floral prints and Celine-inspired matchy matchy tuxedo suits and all of the other goodness in this lookbook. Seriously. Look At It! This is such a beautiful collection. This season’s obsession with florals is really doing my head in, in the best way possible. I haven’t loved flowers so much since I was 5 and had a little flower bed I filled with pansies. I never bothered to water them and so they ended up wilting away – much like most of my more recent horticultural aspirations (except my little desk plant.. oh how I love thee). A floral print? Much, much easier to care for.

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golden light.

(Images from Mary and Marie SS12 lookbook)

Ah summer, I’m still waiting for a glimpse of you. In the meantime, I’m dreaming of clear blue skies, sandy feet and the refreshingly cool feeling you get on your back as you lay down in a patch of green grass. These photos from the Mary and Marie lookbook remind me of roadtrips, dodgy cheap motels, Hollywood lights and frolicking on the beach. Visit their store here.

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An assortment of things. I picked up these Jeffrey Campbell “Grayson” boots online as I wanted something suede, light-coloured and still boot-ish. The cut-out back makes them a good summer option, though pretty sure they are easily trashable. They are also not as comfy as I had hoped, but I keep telling myself “If Rachel Zoe can walk in heels at 9 months pregnant, I can at least walk to work.”

I have been keeping my growing collection of nail polishes in a cute little vase, I think they look a bit like sweets. Whenever I have a shopping urge (which is 99% of my life) I pick up a new shade from Sportsgirl… great quality and super cheap cheap.

(Corgi, Samoyed & Schnauzer)

A conversation that has been on repeat in our household lately has been talking about dogs and which sort we’d like to welcome into our family most! This is a major step for a cat lover like myself so I have been busy researching breeds and these three are my faves. I’m all for adopting from shelters/pounds but am terrified that my cat Indi will hate it and feel we need to get a really young pup to make it work. Which dog is your favourite?

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