Twin Cat Feathers & Forest

I am so thrilled to bring you the latest Twin Cat Vintage lookbook photos!

We shot this collection ‘Feathers & Forest’ a couple of months ago using our beautiful girls Mardi & Alisha, and also brought on Simon (from The Mens Division agency) in a very picturesque area of Melbourne. The mauve dress worn by Alisha will be for sale shortly, as will the light brown fur coat worn by Mardi in select photos.

It was such a beautiful theme to photograph and we were delighted to find such gorgeous scenery, which suited our ideas perfectly.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Photography: Sam Sidney
Models: Mardi, Alisha, Simon (Mens Division)
Styling, Clothing & Accessories: Twin Cat Vintage
Make-up: Sab D’Cruz

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4 Responses to Twin Cat Feathers & Forest

  1. sarah says:

    have you ever visited my blog? i must feature you there 😉

  2. Julia says:

    GORGEOUS photos!…And yes, I will feature you on my blog sometime.
    Hope thats ok:)

  3. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Of course that’s okay Julia! Thanks for your support! x

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