Winter Sun

It appears I am being far too affected by the sunny skies that the Northern Hemisphere is currently enjoying, and wishing that the sun would make a few more appearances on our side of the world right now. I’m definitely a winter girl at heart – a true Melbournian actually, as I adore layering and I adore black, but here are a few things I am feeling inspired by today!

American Apparel’s Nylon Tricot Maillot-V Swimsuit in you guessed it, BLACK. If it was warmer, or indeed summer, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one straight away but I’m going to sit and bide my time a little. I can see it being the summer staple though, with little denim cut offs and ankle boots, day and night. Can’t wait!

Sportsgirl has actually just released this little number. I guess ruching is well on its way out if it is in stores like Sportsgirl now, but I never really got in on the craze so maybe I’m just into a little late. We can thank sass&bide’s Black Rats for the mass popularity in it I suppose. This bodysuit is only $69.95 but I suspect it will go on sale soon enough, like most of their products do. Sportsgirl’s new website is actually pretty fun, still got that tizzy, overdone, in-your-face feel about it, like a thousand party poppers exploding at once, but their street snaps and style photography are quite cute.

This whole get-up is perfection. Gorgeous studded vest, slouchy shirt, cool-as-shit aviators and an amazing set of gold leaves around the neck. Oh and she’s a total babe aswell.

Fairly certain image cred goes to Nylon here. Love the carnival theme, the throwback look, the stripes and the beautiful cinematic look of the photographs.

Finally, who wouldn’t want to look like this? The perfect washed out, grainy photo, of a girl winning with both tremendous tresses and a killer summer hat. Lucky you.

Today has been super productive (don’t you love that feeling of accomplishment?) and I have done all the paperwork that needed doing, been to the post office, done a complete studio area revamp/overhaul (which included way too much cleaning for my liking) and all in time to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine.

Love Sam xo

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