Sweet Sundays

Hungover Sunday morning… what a perfect time for a blog update! =) Here are a few little things that have been occupying my mind over the last week!

The Croft Institute, Croft Alley, Melbourne

If you’re a Melbournian and haven’t visited this spooky bar before, I highly recommend it! Possibly the reason for my state this morning, The Croft is tucked away in a Chinatown laneway and is such a fun bar! It looks and feels like an abandoned science laboratory and definitely feels like a horror movie could take place inside. Forget the fears and indulge in the Syringe drinks – shots of super strong stuff that literally come in a syringe. Yum! Cool beats in the hospital wing upstairs will have you on the “dancefloor” until the wee morn.

Why YL T-shirt (picture via The Selby)

Not sure who made this one (Brian L?) but love it. I love anything with a “designer pun”. It also happened to be from one of the coolest shindigs I’ve ever seen on The Selby, and there are some extremely amazing pads on that site. Dream on…

Steven Meisel Photograph

Not too sure about the subject matter itself, but this is one freakin awesome photograph. Loving Daisy’s styling in particular. Ah, to be a rich, pretty, young thang.

Tarina Tarantino Headpiece

This Tarina Tarantino flower headpiece is the sole reason I have been walking around wearing flowers the same size as my head everyday lately. Mine might not be quite as bejewelled but I like to think my $3.00 flower slapdash home-made effort isn’t too shabby. Photo via Hannabeth Blog.

Body Chains

Still not quite over my obsession with all things chain, though I am yet to make or purchase anything like this. I have been honing my skills on headwear, ala House of Harlow style, trying to come up with interesting ways to wear chains in your hair. I am also working on some feather headpieces to sell on the website – people love a good feather, so I’m trying to come up with some pieces that can transcend from working photographically, to actually being wearable in public.

Rodarte Patterns

Rodarte is kind of picking up where Balmain left off, in terms of mass popularity and I am definitely in agreeance. Loved their diamond cut-out leggings, but most of all, I just love the beautiful way the colours and swirls in the fabric are crafted so perfectly to suit the shape of the dress itself. It just flows like a beautiful watercolour. I found the most to-die-for maxidress while buying recently, which really reminded me of this dress. Can’t wait to photograph it!

I updated the store yesterday with some fab new pieces, including a vintage quilted flap bag with gold chain, a Balenciaga-style floral puff sleeve dress with bow bustle and a hot 80s leather jacket. Make sure you head on over and have a look!

Hope you’re all having a lovely, relaxing Sunday. Can’t wait for the Masterchef finale on telly tonight! =)

Love Sam xo

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