Watch the Stars

White Paper Cranes

Usually I am one to strongly deny that I’m asian at all,  but one of the odd asian skillz I have developed is my ability to fold a fanfuckingtastic paper crane. I didn’t do these ones (I wish) but I did once fold over 300 of the babies for a project that was shipped all the way to Hiroshima. So there’s no reason why when it’s a bit of a rainy day, I can’t fold a bitchload of white ones and hang them in an ornate fashion like the photo illustrates – it does look pretty amazing. Now to find an apartment with beautiful exposed brick walls, gorgeous wooden furnishings….

Skull Cut Out Tshirt

And hey, while it’s raining, why not put aside the origami for a moment, pull out a t-shirt that needs sprucing and cut it to pieces like this? Quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to wear this?

Rachel Bilson BFF?

Hey Rach, and your cool I-Don’t-Need-No-Stylist fashion sense… I know you don’t know me, but you’re as cute as a button and I really think we could be best friends forever if you just gave me the chance. I may not have been one of the first people snapped in the studded Christian Louboutin ankle booties, but I do really like them, and if we were the same shoe size, think of all the great dress-up parties we could have! Love Sam

Bleach Black DIY Jewellery Stand

The queens of DIY over at BleachBlack made this gorgeous little jewellery stand. Seems easy enough but mine would probably never look as good.. seeing as I don’t have those amazing necklaces to hang on it for one thing. Or the seemingly perfect twig to make it from.


Topshop, Topshop, why have you not made your way to Australia yet? Or Urban Outfitters… or Zara… or H&M for crying outloud! All of the above pieces could own real estate in my wardrobe were you in Australia. You made the trek to New York City (I’ll admit, NYC is way cooler than Melbourne) but can we please be next on the map? It’s very generous that you now ship to Australia, but it would be so much more rewarding to be able to go into your store and try things on and not have to fork out a thousand dollars postage and then freak out if you bought the wrong size.

Awesome Photo

Don’t want to jump to any conclusions but I might be in love with this photograph. It just looks so ethereal and galactic and incredibly dreamy… It’s all perfect from the model’s expression, to the styling, to the animals, to the change in colour gradient that occurs from top to bottom. Not to mention the star dust. It kind of reminds of the star in Neil Gaiman’s novel, “Star Dust” actually.

Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks

One of my absolute favourite TV series of all time is David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”. In celebration of the TP Marathon I’m embarking on tonight, thought I’d share this snap of the famous Laura Palmer, muse to many and I wish I bought the Alphaville t-shirt with this print when I first saw it. She’s dead.. wrapped in plastic…

Love Sam xo

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