Tonight as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival and thanks to my lovely friend Sienna, I went along and saw the screening of seminal 1965 film, ‘Alphaville’. Though it’s quite an abstract and dark film, there is something really rewarding about wading through something difficult like that. Definitely feels like you have achieved something after watching and interpreting it. The star of the film, French darling Anna Karina was there to have a quick word with the audience and fittingly, Australian clothing label Alpha60 held a small afterparty at their Flinders Lane store, which my friend Nick and I went along to.

Anna was there at the party and still looking beautiful and classy – the French really do know a thing about style! I couldn’t get over how magnificent she looked on film – just someone who radiated charisma and stole the limelight in every scene.

Alpha60 is a label, which I must admit, I haven’t really taken much notice of in the past – I know it’s quite successful and have admired their black&white film homage t-shirts but that’s about it. Maybe it was the champagne and oysters, but it was wonderful to see their current collection. The pleat scarves are truly spectacular but mainly it was their accessories line that grabbed me. I love the airmail wallet, their button badge collection of famous movie directors (I personally would choose the Woody Allen or David Lynch badge) and some stunning silver jewellery with zippers and carvings.

There are listings ending within the next couple of days over in the Twin Cat store, so make sure you get your bids in before time’s up! Hope everyone had as splendid a weekend as myself – an early night tonight for me as I had a wee bit too much wine last night! =)

Love Sam x

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