I do not know who this stunner actually is (probably some uber chic French student just hanging out on the footpath… yeah, she looks French) but I do know she is freakin lovely. It’s a look I am uncertain about on anyone who is not waif thin, as I am dying to wear cute socks with ankle boots when the weather finally warms, but I’m worried that it will make one’s legs look five inches shorter. Her boots are to die for too.

Image via

Martine’s blog is pretty much just outfit posts but when one looks this good, I don’t blame her. Again, the perfect boots. I actually have a tutu skirt quite similar to this one, but I am seemingly unable to make it look quite this good. I love how slapdash the whole look seems, but still seems influenced by high fashion trends.

Uber hotties. Being hot.

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Pining over the Alexander Wang “Coco” duffel bag? Welcome to the club. For those not rich enough to carry it around Olsen-style, here is a great tutorial from LeBlogdeSushi that shows you how to achieve the same effect for much, much less. I think I’ll be placing my order soon!

Finally, there are two movies I am dying to see. Neither have been released in Australia yet but I will be checking out when the planned release dates are for sure.

500 Days of Summer. Has Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordan… need I say more?

Paper Heart. Even the name is ridiculously adorable. Look at them. I mean, how could you resist? The girl reminds me so much of my little sister, how could anyone resist her charm? And Michael Cera… well, he always plays the same role, but he does play it so well!

Love Sam xo

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