Funky Squaredance

Image via The Streethearts

My dad always laughs when I talk about how amazing shredded clothes are, he can’t get his head around the idea of wanting to wear something that looks a hundred years old. The trend is not dead yet (thank God). I like this photo because I look at it and think, this is what fashion in 2009 will be remembered for. I have some CKs and Levis to destroy with studs, they’ll arrive in store soon.

Image via Wildfox

Kind of makes me want to revamp my studio space. And repaint all my green walls white.

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5 Responses to Funky Squaredance

  1. Lainey says:

    My dad does the exact same thing. Especially when he goes into stores like Urban Outfitters, and sees all the shredded items that are being sold for $50. “This is ridiculous! At this point, we should just throw a couple of my shirts in a zoo and have the animals do what they want with it!” -Dad

    Me, personally. I think it’s rad!

  2. mellie says:

    The Selby my friend… inspiration and amazing interior design at its finest!

  3. mellie says:

    As I read on I see that you have already discovered the amazing world of ‘The Selby’. Apoligies…

  4. Rinaeleven says:

    Funnily enough I was drewling at a top on Asos that has a shredded back just the other day 🙂 Instead of investing the pounds to buy it I decided that DIY was definitely the way to go… I’ve just got to buy the oversized top to shred now!

    • Sam Twin Cat says:

      Yeah definitely go the DIY option! The hardest bit is finding a t-shirt made of the right fabric for shredding.. if you find it def give me the heads up! xx

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