Off the Hook

New arrivals in the Twin Cat Store today!


What a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne today! I wish I was outside in a leafy green park drinking beer on a picnic rug! But alas, I am cooped up indoors (where it’s colder than it is outside!) drinking tea and trying to catch up on everything – in particular my studies! There’s only so much computer time one girl can take!

A huge thank you goes out to two of my personal favourite blogs who have recently featured Twin Cat Vintage! The beautiful Miss J at Strawberry Fields and the gorgeous Meg at Cocktail Rings & Vintage Things, both who have incredibly savvy fashion blogs with lots of inspiring and exciting photos!

Time to start thinking about summer trends I think. Summer always has me a little lost. Despite growing up on the seaside, I am quite the city noir girl, but thanks to ladies like Erin Wasson I guess beach culture is starting to really up it’s fashion game. I’m a bit in love with Mink Pink and Shakuhachi’s new lines, I will definitely be posting pics of my favourites soon.

Song of the day: “Hey” – Pixies
An oldie but a goodie and the bass line reminds me of summer! =)

Love Sam xo

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