As If I Hadn't Slept

The last one is just for LOLs, I mean, does it get any cuter than a fat black cat? I don’t think so!

It’s crazy to see how many beautiful, beautiful visual delights you can find online these days. Rewind ten years and hardly anyone was blogging and hardly anyone had a digital camera. These days, not only is everyone blogging and not only does everyone take pictures, but most of the photos are digital SLR shots and so forth – everyone is an amateur professional. I love looking through tumblr and fashion blogs for inspiring moments (like the ones above) but sometimes I get a little depressed too, a sort of melancholy ‘everyone’s doing it’ feel for the industry I feel the most passion for… photography.

Anyway, I have found some real vintage delights lately that I can’t wait to share with you all. Sorry I have been a little neglectful of the blog, been particularly busy lately and have actually been having a bit of a social life too! =)

Been doing a bit of fashion “research” and am not too sure how I’m feeling about the continuity of certain trends. I have been looking at a lot of label’s new release lines and I’m not really sure if I’m feeling them. It’s all beginning to look the same to me – the same trends rehashed over and over and it’s just trickling down the pipe from the high end to the masses. I know this is the way fashion works, but perhaps I have willing turned a blind eye in the past. Hmm…

Well I guess that’s why I love vintage so much! =)
Lots and lots of love,
Sam xo

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One Response to As If I Hadn't Slept

  1. Coco says:

    I feel exactly the same way about both digital photography and fashion trends! You’re so right.

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