Must be a Devil Between Us

Image via Lightboner

Lightboner is one of my favourite blogs to follow -my favourite art photographers are Gregory Crewdson, Bill Henson & Jeff Wall and they all work with cinematic, filmic, amazingly lit photography and this blog is the creme de la creme of light-enhanced photography – it’s lucky we view websites on a backlit computer screen because it really adds to these pictures! Some are amateur, some are professional, and it’s so exciting to see the way light can bring something to life. Tumblr really is a treasure trove for finding pretty pictures… what are your favourite ones to follow?

I have so many plans for Twin Cat, I can’t wait to get all of my studies out of the way so I can really concentrate on taking the store to the next level. Make sure you add the store on Facebook or Twitter if you’re yet to do so. I’ll be doing a giveaway in the coming weeks! =)

Love Sam xo

PS. Make sure you listen to ‘Hey’ by Pixies today – doesn’t it have just the sexiest bassline in the world?

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