This is Going Out to Everyone

Images copyright Kristin Cofer

Just a snippet of the beautiful photography by Kristin Cofer at Hiss & Hearse – her Medium Format film photography blows me away everytime I see it! A truly exceptional talent with a truly exceptional blog to boot.

I have updated the ABOUT, F.A.Q and LOOKBOOK pages of the website – just jazzed them up a little or in the case of the LookBook, gave it a much needed update. I am looking forward to giving the entire website an overhaul, but that’s only one of the many things on my ever-growing To Do List… along with getting a proper Mailing List happening and hopefully a shopping section seperate to the eBay site, where you can buy things immediately without the sometimes tedious auction wait! =) I’m aiming to satisfy all of Twin Cat’s loyal customers.

Stay tuned for a special Twin Cat giveaway, which will be happening in the next week or two aswell as the launch of a very special side project, which we have been working towards for quite sometime! Can’t wait to share it all with you.

Love Sam xo

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