Big Announcement!

Here at Twin Cat Vintage, we have received a lot of feedback (worldwide) about a lack of exciting, quality vintage menswear being available online. The ladies seem to have it in spades (we’re just one of many awesome vintage shopping destinations for the fairer sex) but the poor boys seem to be missing out. Hence, we have decided to give TOM CAT VINTAGE a go! It won’t be as frequently on offer as the Twin Cat range, but we’re super excited to be sharing the first Tom Cat collection with you… funny name hey?

So here is your chance fashion-savvy fellas! Or girls, snap up a bargain for your boyfriend/brother/crush/father/bestfriend/neighbour/cousin/teacher!

We have once more, the incredibly gorgeous Simon, modelling the pieces for your viewing pleasure and the official launch of the collection is only mere hours away! In the meantime, here is a very sneaky preview…

All of that and more will be landing in the store tomorrow!

To celebrate the launch of this new collection, we’ve decided to do the first ever Twin Cat Vintage giveaway! (This will be for both the girls and boys to enter!) The details will be released tomorrow aswell, however it’s going to be very easy for you to enter and you’ll even get to pick your own prize from a selection on offer!

I have been very busy re-designing the store templates too, so as you can imagine, there is an air of high-productivity here at the moment! Stay tuned for more updates and make sure you check back tomorrow for the competition details! =)

Love Sam xo

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One Response to Big Announcement!

  1. Ana says:

    I’m sorry, is it even legal to be this gorgeous? I need a lie down, now. xo

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