We are so excited about launching the vintage menswear range Tom Cat Vintage today that to celebrate, we are doing our very first Twin Cat Giveaway!
It’s super, super easy to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog answering a fun question and make sure you leave your e-mail address too so we can notify the winner!

Your choice of prize will be shipped completely free and will arrive at your doorstep!

Once we have enough entries, we will pick our favourite and announce it here on the blog!
* Competition is open to residents of AUSTRALIA only – sorry guys!


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15 Responses to TWIN CAT GIVEAWAY!!!1!!

  1. Lyndsay says:

    What I like most about wearing vintage fashion is: a) that it’s very unlikely that I will be wearing an outfit that I’ll see at least five times on other people on the way to the shops if I’m wearing something vintage, and b) I love the romance of wondering what stories the piece I’m wearing could tell me about it’s previous adventures! Mass-produced items often do not come with such character, craftsmanship and whimsy!

    Best of luck everyone!

  2. Sienna Primrose says:

    I love the thrill of the hunt for a vintage piece – trawling through op shop bins & spending just that little bit too much on petrol to reach those second hand stores in far out places in the hopes of coming away with that perfect item you didn’t know you needed.

  3. Maria says:

    Whenever I wear my vintage stuff people always ask me where I got such a lovely piece and I LOVE LOVE LOVE saying that its “vintage” or “one of a kind” I am always really proud when I find something that I know people will want for themselves but never have 🙂
    I especially love it when people screw their noses up like “eewww” when I say I’m wearing something second hand. It makes me feel good about myself!! lol.


    Maria x

  4. MJ says:

    The best thing about wearing vintage fashion is not having to deal with the fashion chain shop assistants to obtain it.
    Their “this week” haircuts and forced smiles coming up to you and asking if your day is “crunking” or some other fresh vocabulary that won’t be used by the end of this season. Their inability to have a conversation over anything other than how obvious it is that horizontal stripes are in or out this summer or which bands are obviously cool or lame – recycling information they picked up from a new Vice magazine.

    I’m looking at you General Pants! Yeh that’s right … ergh .. yep.

  5. CGP says:

    It is nice knowing what you are wearing has a story before you. You know that your clothes have a history. The best passing-time-in-a-boring-lecture-game is imagining what your clothes have see; the things that have gone done in that outfit.

  6. Cam says:

    Vintage is fun, funky and unique! I love crawling through my Grandmas wardrobe and finding some treasure. One persons junk anothers treasure!

    Big beads, bright colours, funky threads. Vintage helps you step back in time and feel the love and freedom experienced in those times.


  7. sim says:

    vintage |ˈvintij|
    the year or place in which wine, esp. wine of high quality, was produced.
    • a wine of high quality made from the crop of a single identified district in a good year.
    • poetic/literary wine.
    • the harvesting of grapes for winemaking.
    • the grapes or wine produced in a particular season.
    • the time that something of quality was produced : rifles of various sizes and vintages.

    now i’ll admit, i am a fan of ye old vintage clothing but its not only the vintage clothing i love. majority of things vintage i enjoy, and the most popular vintage which has made it into the dictionary is a nice glass of fiiiiine wine to dine. now sitting down in a room full of vintage furniture, wearing vintage clothing maybe even eating vintage cheese. where can you go wrong really? think about it..
    but no i dont live in a world of vintage, but imagine.. thats the stage i’m currently at, the imagination. i need to save up to be able to buy vintage let alone anything for the moment! so start me off twin cat 😉 with one of your fiiiine pieces i can wear to dine.
    ps, i have twin friends and my neighbour owns a cat. the compatibility is uncanny.. haha

  8. Victoria says:

    The fact that I surprise myself (and the people around me) each and every day with the strange clothes that I’m attracted to.

    When I walk into Vinnies I seem to imagine myself as someone from the 40’s-80’s and I get lost in the possibilities that every item holds.

    I guess, you could say i was born in the wrong era.

  9. Tash says:

    The best bit is being able to reinvent yourself every day with your outfit, vintage pieces are those items of clothing that we all hold sentimental value too, because you know each piece you own is unique and will never be unwearable. With vintage pieces you can mix and match, dress to suit your mood and go as crazy as you want with fashion, while creating your own statement style. Its the beauty of going op-shopping; you know each time you will leave with a surprise and what you find isn’t necessarily following a current trend, making it become more about the experience of finding items you actually fall in love with, as opposed to those we are exposed to and influenced to love, which is why there is so much more value held with a vintage item that you instantly drop dead on finding because it is some amazing piece you would never find anywhere else! Plus you know at some stage it has been loved by someone else, and now yourself, and if there is ever a day you don’t want it anymore it’ll be let back into the world to continue the cycle, which you can’t feel bad about because you are doing something better for the environment by recycling! but one factor that i’m sure all us ladies will never tire of is knowing how much wear we get out of each vintage piece when we paid hardly anything for it!
    who doesn’t love a successful trip to the op-shops!!

  10. Ben says:

    Vintage clothes have character and even I can afford them.

  11. Leuke says:

    Apart from the fact that it looks awesome, I like wearing vintage because I like to re-use and recycle. It’s nice to know that I’m giving quality clothes a second life instead of buying mass produced clothes from a factory where the workers were more than likely underpaid or mistreated. in an age of mass-consumption I like to do my part by buying vintage second hand clothing and not letting it go to waste.
    And there’s something special about vintage clothes that have had love poured into them while being made, in an era where quality was paramount.

  12. Coco says:

    Vintage fashion is outside the jurisdiction of the ‘style police’!

  13. Joseph says:

    I pride myself on being fashionable, i’ve figured out that one secret to staying current is actually identifying styles from the past and wearing them in fresh, new ways. In fact, vintage shops can be valuable source of inspiration. The trick is knowing how to wear vintage clothing right, so you will look modern and hip and never outdated.

    I love wearing vintage fashion because I love the story behind the clothes. Wearing something that has its own story is so invigorating, you feel like your part of its history. The clothes are made to last, hence their usually long lives.

    Its amazing to think that someone else wore them in a whole different time, and maybe in another place, a place with different values and social concepts!

    Its also different, i love being different and taking fashion risks, and most times vintage pieces are one offs, so unique, and i love that! Not to mention they’re usually much higher quality to clothes you buy now. Vintage isn’t everyones cup of tea, but it could be because vintage is something that anyone can wear, because it has less to do with style than it does with age, quality, history, affordability, and individuality.

    I love mixing things from different eras and integrating into my fashion, i love love vintage clothing! and your blog pays testament to the beauty that is vintage!


  14. Marta says:

    What I love most about vintage clothing is that it’s like a peice of history that you can wear. The previous owner would’ve probably had an amazing time with the particular garment back in the decades I admire and dream about the most. When I wear vintage I feel like I’m adding to its history; imagine all the stories they’d have if the garments could talk. 😀

  15. Katrina says:

    I love knowing that I’m wearing something from decades before that has been a part of so much culture and history, and comes right out of previous eras. It’s like wearing your own little bit of history whose little tears and imperfections give it character and its own story to tell. Not to mention the fact that absolutely nobody else can wear the same thing, and while stores will try and mass produce ‘vintage styled’ clothing it will never even be close to real, genuine vintage pieces xD

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