Afternoon Sister

It looks like we have finally stepped into Spring here in Melbourne – though most likely temporarily, the sun has definitely been shining a whole lot more!

Here is a look at the items currently for sale in the Twin Cat Store.

I’m super proud of this collection, I think it’s some of our best vintage yet!

Here are a few beautiful images to brighten up/inspire your day!

Busy day for me today: first I need to go buy more wrapping supples & post satchels/boxes. Then I need to process, package and post orders. Then pick up the boy from the station. Then we’re off to a viewing party of my bestfriend Chris as his episode of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ airs on telly tonight! Then after that is the store opening of Friends of Couture on Chapel St, which will be a lovely way to cap off the night – I might take my camera and attempt a few ‘street style’ photos for the blog!

Better get to it!
Love Sam x

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