Stadium Love

On Friday night I finally got to see one of my alltime fave bands, Metric, perform their Melbourne sideshow gig! I was tempted to buy Parklife tickets earlier in the year, purely for these guys, so I was really excited when they announced their own solo gig – especially since it’s their first time touring Australia! It was a great show, let down only by a crowd, who despite it being a sold-out gig, just didn’t seem that into it. I mean it was good, but there was a definite buzz lacking in the room. Gorgeous band though! x

Sorry for the lack of promised updates, I have unfortunately come down with a case of the ol’ Glandular Fever (and if one more person asks who I have been kissing, I’ll punch them right in the kisser!) So I have been feeling pretty tired and sore and sorry for myself and not entirely that productive. However, today the store was updated with a whole heap of Spring Fever and I’ll share my favourite pieces with you further into this post.

I have managed to buy a heap of chains and an eyelet kit (my craft store was out of pyramid studs so I needed a Plan B for renovating some denim shorts) so I’m going to try my hand at making some Alexander Wang inspired chain shorts.

If they turn out any good, I’ll try and sell some on Twin Cat if you are unsure about trying your hand at them yourselves! I will eventually find more cute studs though, so more studded cut-offs will definitely be around in time for all your summer soirees! (The last pairs have proven very popular).

As for my favourite vintage pieces in store, they would have to be these ones:

Black Cross Back Party Dress

Cream and Apricot Tiny Floral Dress

Black Floral Lace Party Skirt


Our big, big secret plans are storming ahead very, very well and I can’t wait until everything is finalised so we can start spreading the hype. Just the final few touches are happening!

Anyway, time to get some more rest – problem with this illness is you think you’re doing fine until boom! exhausted all over again.
Happy Monday lovers!
Sam xo

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One Response to Stadium Love

  1. Leuke says:

    Eagerly awaiting another guys collection. =]

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