Lusting For

I’m aware that the Polyvore trend has been well and truly going strong for aaages now, however I have always been a bit dubious about it. Then, I suppose it beats cutting up pretty magazines to make mood boards and dream lists right? So I tried it out today, in an effort to avoid the inevitable assignments.

If money was not a factor, then all of the above would be on my current To Buy list. Despite the size of my wardrobe, I am a very fussy shopper and I think a lot about what is missing from my wardrobe before I go and buy it – I also think a lot about how wearable a piece is and whether or not I’d use it as much as I think I would. All of the above I have declared definites! I would also add a pair of pale wash ksubi ‘Albercurque’ shorts but I couldn’t find them on Polyvore.

While I am waiting to become a millionaire, I will search high and low for less expensive versions of my list.** I tried on a gold sequin blazer in a chain store the other day but my boyfriend looked at me a little bit concerned – perhaps too loud? I can’t help it, I’m attracted to sparkles.

The only thing that I really will be purchasing in the near future is a leather backpack and this is because I am yet to find a suitable and practical way to carry my DSLR camera and lenses around when I am travelling. Camera bags are just so… bulky. Backpacks = tres chic!

The AA maillot one-piece is also one I have been eyeing for a long time now (super cute under my ksubi shorts no?) so is a definite tick on the list.

And I realise that the boots I have listed are worth more than my car, oh, but to dream of a gorgeous pair of Lanvin snake boots or Louboutin platforms… one day Sam, one day…

** This post probably disturbs you with how self-indulgent I can be about items of clothing.. sad, I know.

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