All that's glitter…

Pictured: Gold Sequin Waterfall Jacket (Bardot… I know!)

Pictured: camilla&marc 09 Cruise collection

It’s truly pathetic isn’t it? It only took a single blog post, a lament in the form of a ‘tweet’ and I ended up crumbling to buy another item I don’t particularly need. Ohhh but how it glitters! I took it as a sign that after walking into Bardot for the third time in this last month to go visit my precious jacket, I saw it was marked down to $89.95 and in a single schwiiiiipe I found myself in a daze, holding the above jacket, a receipt and was closer to maxing out my credit card then I think I have ever been before. Awesome.

If I was rich and… if I was rich, then the second jacket would actually be the one I’d be swanning around my bedroom in right now. However I’m keen as mustard to try out my gold sequins with frayed pale wash denim and a loose white tank.

Now I’m off to pick clothes out of my wardrobe to sell in order to overcome this overwhelming feeling of post-shopping guilt I have. I’ll do it wearing the jacket though, of course.

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4 Responses to All that's glitter…

  1. helena says:

    Ohh it’s fabulous! Mel tried on the black one today and we loved it on her but she couldn’t justify it since she wouldn’t be able to wear it much because of the weather.

  2. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Yeah I’m lucky that it’s still relatively cool here and also, I’ll still be able to wear it at night in Melb. Black would be tres chic too, normally I’d go the black but for some reason I’m all about gold right now.

  3. I bet you look fantastic in that.

  4. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks Lis! I sure hope so!

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