Desire Be, Desire Go

Pictured: Black V Tee (American Apparel), Vintage necklace (Mum’s wardrobe)

I had to include the first photo because I find it utterly ridiculous that I have a 3 year degree in photography and yet still can’t focus my camera. I think it’s a more flattering picture of me anyway.

I was a bit hesitant to post photographs of myself on this blog, because I think it’s a bit self-indulgent. However, then I realised that having a blog in general is fairly self-indulgent, and all of my favourite blogs are always full of images that help personify the blogger to their readers.

So this is me and a surprisingly flat hairstyle (I am known for having hair that borders on the oversized side of the scale). I desperately need a black hair dye and someone to straighten up my fringe, but the main thing I wanted to show you is the beautiful vintage necklace that I stole from my mum’s collection. She wore it in the 70s with a dark green one-piece halterneck catsuit (which I have also stolen) and a bright green afro wig (which I have not stolen). She has an amazing suitcase full of 60s and 70s vintage that she has kept for my sister and I and every year or so I revisit it and take pieces that I am now attracted to or have since come back in fashion. Ultimately, this means I am now wearing the clothes I used to play dress up in, in everyday situations. Odd.

I deleted a whole bunch of posts from the blog because I am keen to start afresh and make it something I am more proud of. I finished my university studies FOREVER today so while I delay becoming a grown up and entering the real world, you can expect a lot of entries based purely on my levels of procrastination. Some things will never change.

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