Mardi Cat

While I work very hard to run and maintain Twin Cat Vintage, I couldn’t do it without the help and laughs of the other gorgeous people who work with me, from assistant photographers to stylists to make-up artists and perhaps most importantly, the faces of Twin Cat, including my lovely Mardi!

Mardi is probably the most recognisable of the Twin Cat models, as her photos have been used for a lot of our advertising campaigns. She is also my most photographed model, if I do a count on all the photos on the hard drive. We may dress her in our clothing and style her hair and her make-up for our shoots, but I’ll have you know that Mardi is one of the best dressed and tres chic ladies I have ever met. A definite style icon. Think bohemian skirts, the most perfect winter coats and this relaxed, I-didn’t-even-try-but-look-how-much-cooler-I-look-than-you style… ala the Olsens or Kate Moss. She is also a very talented photographer (we met at university studying photography together) and an amazing jewellery maker.

I thought it would be interesting to do a quick little interview with Mardi and here are her answers:

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Mardi and I do a bit of this and that. Creating things and taking photos. My paid work is helping in a primary school.

How would you describe your style?
All over the place? I guess kind of eclectic and whatever I feel like that day. I don’t really stick to one style.

Where are you favourite places to shop?
Country Op shops and Brunswick street.

Best bargain ever?
This amazing vintage green coat from Warrandyte Op shop. It was only $15!

How would you describe your perfect night out?
A crazy house party with lots of people and a strange dress theme.

What was the last good film you saw?
Yes Man, I loved it and I want to be the girl in it… she was crazy.

What fictional character do you identify with most?
Hmmm.. any kick ass girl that likes blowing stuff up.

What are you going to be wearing this summer?
Short dresses, bare feet and a lot of hats.

Favourite thing about being a twin cat?
Getting to wear weird and wonderful things!

Mardi wears: Vintage black and silver sequin top (stylist’s own), Black slashed leggings (Twin Cat Vintage), Stiletto lace-up platforms (Zu shoes)

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3 Responses to Mardi Cat

  1. helena says:

    Cute idea Sam. By the way, I got rid of blogspot and now have tumblr! Just so you can change a dead link: 🙂 xx

  2. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks! I’ll interview you one day too!
    Annnnd link changed, thanks for pulling me up on that, I should have changed it ages ago. x

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