Post Electric Blues

Row 1: Vintage Buckle Ankle Boots (etsy), Ruffle Platform Heels, DIY Studded Purple Ankle Boots
Row 2: Vintage White/Gold Cowboy Boots (eBay), Doc Martens, Patent Stud/Buckle Boots
Row 3: Tan Heels (BigW), Black Gold Stud Heels (Siren), Vintage Brown Heels
Row 4: Vintage Justin Ropers (etsy), Lace up Flats (Lipstik), Vintage Tan Slip Ons

We field a lot of questions here at Twin Cat about the shoes and boots that we use on our models and nearly all of them come from my own wardrobe. I have an obnoxiously large collection of shoes (about 60 pairs) but I don’t really wear a lot of them, just can’t bring myself to throw them away. These are probably my current favourites, not including the staples like ballet flats and Converse, though I hardly ever wear heels because a) I feel too tall (which is pretty ridiculous given I’m actually rather short), b) I feel too dressed up and c) I’m not comfortable. It’s just not practical to do my Safeway shopping in towering platform leopard print Louboutins.. Wait, you don’t own those Sam.

So it’s my official top 12. I might do an Australian Idol and vote out one pair a week. Not really.

Also, I’m stoked that the little project I’m working on (Blackbird Market) with my galpal Courtney is mentioned as a feature on the Spook Mag site. Check it out – funny as hell and so much cooler than our press release.

Plenty of new arrivals this week in the Twin Cat Store. Also scouting for new models.. interested? E-mail me!

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2 Responses to Post Electric Blues

  1. Jen & Chris says:

    I feel like a kid in a candy store looking at all you fab shoes! And you ebay store is super cute! =)

  2. Anne says:

    Hey Sam,
    Just found your blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Patent Stud/Buckle Boots” – the pair all the way to the right, row 2. You have no idea but I have been looking for boots that look JUST LIKE THESE and I can’t find them anywhere. So I have to ask, WHERE DID YOU GET THEM???


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