Pictured: $2 Thrift Store Jacket (cut into vest and DIYed)

I’m a right ol’ Martha Stewart when it comes to home craft – you can bet your ass I was the kid with the gluestick in my mouth when I was three. Latest home project: Studding and Chaining everything in sight. This was a denim jacket I picked up for $2 because of the bad staining, so I ripped off the sleeves and went to town with chains and eyelets. I have a vision of wearing it over sundresses this summer, but with all the studding around at the moment, I might be studded out by then. We’ll see.

I listed another collection of sun dresses today in the Twin Cat Store and stocked up on so many dresses this week that I’m swimming in boxes of them. Plus, I have another 20kg on their way from Europe. It’s going to be a busy week here in the TCV headquarters and I can’t wait to photograph a new TCV kitten this week, Lucy.

Went into the Worker’s Club yesterday for a Blackbird Market meeting and we measured up the space to see how many stalls we can fit in there. It’s going to be pretty amazing. We now have a couple of bands on board, Spook Mag did a hilarious write-up on us and we are integrating more art into it with the inclusion of a photographer who will be working on her “Photobooth Project” there. So much work, so little time.
Hope you’re all splendid! xo

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