Hot Hot Heat

Twin Cat Vintage Floral Sweetheart Dress

Hello summer! I don’t know when it decided to suddenly become incredibly HOT here in Melbourne, but I couldn’t be more pleased! This beach weather might make me more sleepy, and I always end up drinking too much beer, but there’s just something about the warmer weather that makes me happy. I’m definitely a fan of winter fashion more – especially when so many amazing collections are being shown everywhere on the Internet from the Northern hemisphere, but to combat this, I did a mass listing in the Twin Cat store, showing off a heap of gorgeous vintage summer wear! Hopefully you will find something you like too!

Just for the record – I really wish I could keep… ALL of them! Seriously. I know it looks like sourcing all these beautiful vintage items would be a lot of fun, but it’s pretty damn hard to part with the finds sometimes! I hate my job!*

I am shooting even MORE of these this week with both the lovely Lucy (as seen above) and lovely Mardi!

Please keep in mind, if you plan on purchasing anything over the next couple of weeks that all payments need to be finalised before the 18th of November, otherwise they won’t be processed until December 4th as I am jetting off to Japan for a couple of weeks! Definitely can’t wait to hit up the shops!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend – back to work tomorrow – have a great Monday!

Love Sam xo

* You totally know I am kidding. I freakin love this.

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