I have been super busy trying to figure out ways to improve TCV lately. It’s no secret that my eventual goal is to move the store off eBay and have it become an entity of its own. With my new suppliers, I finally feel as though I have the quality stock in order to be able to make this a success. As this will be a long and expensive process (does my head in just thinking about the things I need to do!), I am trying to improve little things in the meantime.

One of these little things is that as of now, everything you purchase from Twin Cat Vintage will come to your doorstep washed and pressed all ready to wear! This may seem like an incidental, but when I take a look at a lot of the other “vintage” stores on eBay, I want my customers to feel assured that what they’re buying from me, is quality and genuine vintage apparel. I make sure our photography is of as high a standard as I possibly can, use models who I think bring personality and flavour to the clothing and I really hope you are all rewarded for the process, by loving your purchases! I know when I buy online that I want the most accurate descriptions as possible and for my purchase to exceed my expectations when it arrives. This is what I’m striving for! =)

Anyway, ending my little soapbox speech/rant, all this warm weather is stressing me out as I am not very good at dressing for the heat. I feel like my personality is expressed through accessories and layers and boots and hats, and 40 degree weather does little to cater to this. My first purchases for the summer have been a pair of heavily embellished gladiator sandals (a bit overdone I know, and everywhere, but it’s a miracle I’m buying sandals in the first place) and a pair of pale wash ksubi shorts, which I’m certain will get a work out and more than justify their pricetag.

Here are a few pictures that I’m gathering inspiration from right now!

Images found on Stockholm Streetstyle &

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2 Responses to Beaches

  1. helena says:

    That black singlet is to die for!

  2. Ana says:

    Sam, I have no doubt that whatever you do, it will be a success. Anyone reading your blog and seeing the lengths you go to for the twincatvintage store can see how hard you work to put it all together. I, for one, can never wait for for new items to hit your store. twincatvintage is my favourite aussie eBay vintage store for sure, and a lot of it isn’t even to do with the clothes, gorgeous as they are. Whenever I read your blog I feel like twincatvintage is larger just than the eBay store – it’s like a movement. There’s the lush photography side, which you’re obviously ace at and passionate about, and the travel side, where you explore the world to bring the best of vintage fashion to the store, and I can’t get enough of your little behind-the-scenes interviews and photos and stories – like that one about Abbey Lee Kershaw pushing your friend into a pool! That cracked me up proper! twincatvintage (the idea and everything about it, not just the store) is H-O-T, and whatever you decide to do with it, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed to be amazing 🙂

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