Belly Up

I’ve been grumbling about how I hate dressing for summer, and just as I feel like I’m finally settling into a comfortable routine of hot-weather-nothingness-clothes (consisting of cropped tops, vintage cut offs, floral sundresses and boots), I’m heading over to the Northern hemisphere for two weeks and now have to pack for the cold! You’d think this would be easy given how many winter lemmings I have right now thanks to the World Wide Waste of Time, but apparently not! I don’t like packing light. I like to pack like Rachel Zoe (five Louis V suitcases and a couple of carry ons… only uh, not).

So I’m making a list of the essentials to take with me and hoping to leave room to cram in a whole heap of shopping too on the journey back home. If only I could look as glam as the Olsens do when they’re trawling through international airports…

  • Knee length faux leopard coat
  • Black leather jacket (hooded one, or motorcycle style?)
  • Zip up casual hoodie
  • Gold sequin jacket (probably not essential…)
  • Several dresses – casual and dressy ones
  • Leggings/tights
  • Baggy vintage tees
  • AA tees
  • Pair of black skinny jeans (should I take navy aswell? Do I need a pair of cut offs for over tights?)
  • Oversized flannel shirt
  • Doc Martens
  • Lace up vintage roper boots
  • Converse high tops
  • Heeled studded boots
  • Mixed jewellery
  • Scarf and knitted beanie
  • Leather backpack or oversized mimco tote for carry-on, plus smaller handbag

I suspect this list will continue to grow. Do I need cardigans? Shoes that are not boots? Should I have a blazer?
I guess whatever I don’t bring will be a good excuse to go out and buy!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! xx

Images sourced from Olsen Anonymous

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2 Responses to Belly Up

  1. helena says:

    here’s my japan packing tips:
    – take as little as possible… you’re going to want to buy HEAPS!
    – take as few shoes as possible too and wear your heaviest on the plane.- just your black skinnies should be fine!
    – different coats/scarves are the best to take if it’s cold because it actually looks like you brought different clothes in photos 😛

  2. Jessy says:

    Ooh Helena’s tips are good… my only suggestion is that you take your camera with you everywhere you go! I’d love to see your take on Japan street style. I hope you blog every moment of your adventures… have a fabulous time! x

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