Back from Japan and suffering from intense exhaustion. Ran our first ever Blackbird Market yesterday which was an absolute smash so I am looking forward to sitting back and going through all the photos from the trip and the market.

Although obviously the highlights of the trip in Japan was the amazing sightseeing, the shopping was also fun! I’ll post pictures of my buys but I found some great flat biker boots at Zara, some black leather hot pants, black sequin shorts, a yellow and black plaid oversize shirt, vintage lace-up boots, a great suede vintage belt with chains and eyelets, a couple of vintage dresses and a cool zip saddle bag for my sister. I would have loved to buy more, but transporting my ridiculously large suitcase through the Japan rail system was an absolute nightmare and I was terrified of being over Jetstar’s baggage limit. As it was, I carried three pairs of boots as hand luggage crammed into a Mimco dustbag when it was time to fly back.

Blackbird yesterday was PHENOMENAL. Definitely one of my most proudest achievements. Hundreds of people passed through the doors and the market was delightful with the most amazingly talented artists and designers I’ve ever seen in the one place. It was so packed you could barely walk! Our three bands were the nicest ever, and we were so thankful to them. The venue workers were the best, running around doing errands, helping us with everything and being incredibly generous. Looking forward to working towards the next market in Feb!

Sorry for the text-heavy post, photos are on their way!
Now back to catching up on the zillions of blog posts and tweets I’ve missed.

Love Sam x

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One Response to Konichiwa!

  1. helena says:

    can’t wait to see photos of your purchases sam! i was hoping you’d do that 😀

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