Holiday Packing

It’s no secret that packing a suitcase for two weeks for a foreign climate is stressful business. I remember having to pack for a YEAR ABROAD in Norway when I was 17 – imagine trying to stay under the 20kg limit with a suitcase chockas full of winter woolies! Not fun.

So packing for Japan this month was a simpler task than that but when you’re as (disturbingly) fashion conscious as myself, I suppose I tried to stick with neutral colours and layers (in other words, blackblackblackblackblackblack). I’m always the designated photographer on any holidays I go on, so there are never many pictures of myself but here is what I managed to find on my memory card that somewhat documents my ‘suitcase living’. My good friend Nick took quite a lot of snaps of me so when I get some photos off him there will probably be some better ones. (If you wanted to see actual photos of Japan, I will be uploading them to my flickr in time).

Typical uniform for the trip: Leather Jacket (vintage), Hoodie (Mooks), Wolf Tee ($2 shop), Skirt (Supre), Tote Bag (Mimco), Camera (Canon 350D)

Leather Jacket (vintage), Dress (not seen: American Apparel), Dress (Cassette Society), Lace Up Boots (Vintage), Flower ($2 Shop)

Sequin Jacket (Bardot)

Leather Jacket (vintage), Leopard Top (vintage – stolen from mum’s wardrobe), Lace Up Boots (vintage – purchased in Hiroshima), Headband (belt from H&M shirt), Bike (1000Yen rent for the day!)

Details as above. Photo taken at the stones shown in Lost in Translation!

Knit Scarf (bought in Norway), Velvet Leggings (home made)

Long Leopard Faux Fur ($10 vintage steal!), Shirt (H&M), Tee (bought in gift store)

I managed to fill my entire suitcase and then some with absolute ease (the work of a very dedicated shopper) but am pleased with my efforts. A little bit broke now and have a $257 phonebill due – uh oh. Looks like someone is going to have to get creative with her Christmas presents this year!

A less vain blog post next time! I have been busy editing photos all day and am very excited about the vintage I’m going to be shooting next week. Better get out the iron! =)
Love Sam x

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