Seasons Greetings!

Despite the sickeningly hot weather today, we managed to have a big shoot with lots of amazing pieces, including this ridiculously fab 80’s one-shoulder entirely sequinned mini dress – seriously amazing stuff! Plenty of perfect NYE arrivals landing in store this week. Such a busy time of year for everyone, but we hope you are enjoying the silly season and having a wonderful festive time! There really is no better time to try wearing something outrageous – lots of parties and soirees where you can dress to impress! I’m in love!

Thought it would be nice to get to know our latest Twin Cat a bit more, so here is a quick little questionnaire with Lucy, who you would have seen quite a lot of recently in the Twin Cat store!

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Lucy Alice Riordan, I study Tourism Management at Uni, pretend to work at a surf shop at DFO and have a lot of fun trying to waitress at a Mexican restaurant.

2. How would you describe your style?

I think my style is developing, since leaving school a lot of the ‘friends’ influence has gone and it’s become a lot more natural to wear what you like and what you think looks cool.

3. What are you favourite places to shop?

Being a poor student, shopping at my work is very convenient as I am there and it is cheap, a Sportsgirl sale rack is also pretty hard to go by, as is an ebay bargain..

4. Best bargain ever?

My $6 grey suede Steve Madden boots, they just sit in the perfect spot about 3 inches above the ankle, have a chunky wooden heel and a perfectly rounded toe. (I am too scared to wear them in anything but twin cat photos)

5. How would you describe your perfect night out?

Killer pre-drinks, hot weather and hot outfits, lots of laughing at funny random stuff, befriending a bar tender, decent dance floor, more laughing at lots of funny random stuff and a free lift home that shouts us Maccas.

6. What was the last good film you saw?

Up was pretty amazing.

7. what are you going to be wearing this summer?

Cropped tees.. I’ve already cut my dresses.

8. What are you listening to these days?

Honestly… 50 Cent. I just upgraded my ipod and purchased off a friend and I am too lazy to plug it in and put my own music on it. There are over 50 tracks, he’s got a great beat to run to.

9. Favourite thing about being a twin cat?

This will sound lame but dressing up and all the make-up Sam does, it is as fun as it looks girls. Oh and Sam’s mum makes a mean lunch.

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