A few pretty things…

It’s been awhile since I shared the control+click+save of my hard drive, and since I actually organised the mess of JPEGs sitting there the other day I thought I’d share a few pics that have been inspiring me lately…

I am determined to make 2010 my year of saving (ha!) but with a holiday to Vietnam & Cambodia in the works, plus the goal of buying a new car (my little beepbeep Barina is definitely in its final days…) I think I might have to come good with a resolution for once! I have been eyeing the ice blue coloured Suzuki Swift – I’m all about aesthetics but apparently it’s a good little car too! So for now, lusting and lemming is all I can do with these pictures but hopefully I will be able to find creative ways to let these pretty things somehow work their way into my life.

Amazing collection of black

Pretty studio/office walls

Barcoded living spaces

White walls and perfect decoration

Big bows

The concept and styling of this shoot by The Row

Ellery, I die.

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