Precious Things

My jewellery box is not actually a box. It’s more like 20 wall hooks with assorted necklaces draped across, four or five shoeboxes in the wardrobe stuffed with bangles and trinkets and lots of other pieces I would never wear. It’s like the garage sale of all garage sales. So I am completely smitten with some of the gorgeous presents I received this Christmas. Amongst other gifts (like an Elna sewing machine, American Apparel one-piece, clothes, ca$h and uh.. a staplegun), I was totally spoilt for beautiful, beautiful metals, all of which I am dying to wear.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Angent NinetyNine’s accessories range. Though I try and steer clear of General Pants, I have been finding myself drawn to their collection of embellished, studded, chained and fringed jewellery. Not only are they strikingly on trend, but they’re very affordable. All of the above bracelets were under $30 and can be easily mixed and matched.

This incredible watch pendant is a gift from a good friend who recently came back from travelling through Europe. She found this antique fob watch at the Portabello Road Markets in England, and correctly thought I’d love it. I changed the original fob waistcoat chain for a long necklace and now wear it with everything. I love how heavy and mechanical it is, and I love the wind up clock. You can hear it ticking away.

Excuse the crappy photo quality, but this last piece is a beautiful fringe and chain necklace from Sportsgirl. Reminiscent of Norwegian Wood’s handcrafted fringe necklaces, I know this one is mass-produced but I just imagine it dressing up the plainest of outfits. Throw it over a basic tee and you have a statement garment. So beautiful!

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One Response to Precious Things

  1. Jessy says:

    ooh wow, how pretty! i love that pocket watch (your friend has amazing taste) and you’re right, that Sportsgirl necklace DOES resemble Norwegian Wood’s incredible fringed necklaces. can’t wait to see how you style that one.

    i have a jewellery box just like yours!

    x Jessy

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