These Model-Off-Duty photos pretty much define how I predict chain stores around Australia will look in the next few months (a lot already do). Leather, stripes, buckled booties, blazers, chains, bows and a mixture of pale denim with the blackest of blacks. Unfortunately for me, this is also pretty much the very core of my personal style. Which makes it easier (and cheaper!) to find pieces I love, but of course it means I look like everyone else (God forbid!). Fortunately, there is an obvious shift away from these styles in the fashion world (sooo 2009, guys) and I’m eager to see where things will go.

Jak&Jil predict that we’ll leave the power-shoulder and strong silhouetted 80s behind for the romantic hues and flow of 70s fashion, and seeing as all this tough masculinity has been around quite some time now, I think it would be a nice change. I find myself visiting LookBook.nu less and less frequently lately, as everyone is beginning to look the same. I welcome a change in the trend stakes, truly. (Somehow though, I suspect the hypocrite within will continue to stud everything in sight for some time to come…)

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