The Good and the Bad

Pyramid Stud Crop Top (Homemade), Sailor Skirt (Twin Cat Vintage), Boots (Vintage from Japan)

This skirt has set idle in my wardrobe since the day I found it while out op-shopping and it wasn’t until I looked over the photos from today’s mini shoot that I thought, ‘Hmm.. maybe I don’t want to sell it’. This happens quite often with me. I’ll have a whole dress rack full of garments that I have decided I no longer need to have in my own wardrobe, and as soon as they’re photographed for Twin Cat, I’ll completely change my mind.

Alas, it is actually for reluctant sale, as I’m trying to restrict my hoarding.

Tomorrow I plan to go off on an op-shopping adventure. Though I don’t really need to thrift these days as my stock comes from elsewhere, I do miss the thrill of the chase and with the increase in eBay and online stores popping up all over the place, I feel like I could be missing out on some really amazing stuff! =)

Anyone like to do a link exchange with me? I’m trying to push this blogging thing this year and am going to make a concerted effort to document my fashion faux pas and the times that I do get it right. Wish me luck!

Love Sam x

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