What I would give to have a gorgeous light-filled loft like that one.

Unfortunately my dwelling is in no danger of being photographed by The Selby anytime soon, with its over cramped, vintage-brimming, “family environment”. But a girl can dream right?

This is going to be a big year for me, I can feel it. I like even numbers so 2010 suits me well. It’s also the year of the Tiger, which is excellent, being a tiger and all, plus there’s a semi-cat reference in there no? This week I am learning how to do all my book keeping properly, so I can actually make forward progress. I think I’m driving my boyfriend insane, with all my self-absorbed ponderings about business and careers – I know I’m driving my own self insane, so surely it’s contagious. (Sorry Chase).

Now that I have an entire double degree under my belt (can’t believe I’m actually done with the education system), I feel more driven and ambitious than ever before (and having shown a disproportionate and slightly annoying amount of ambition since I was two, this is surprising). I am raring to go with a head full of ideas and wonder. I may be flat broke and completely unprepared for the world of small business, but I have a wardrobe full of great shoes, more good hair days than bad, a hard drive chockas full of inspiration and a five year plan.

Allow me to share some of the current inspiration:

Perfectly toussled hair and very chic Brianel.

Perfect shoulder details.

Perfect leopard print boyish charm.

Perfect Caroline Blomst.

Perfect bike-riding style.

Perfectly elegant black and white chic.

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One Response to Anniemal

  1. Jessy says:

    Year 2010 is the year of the tiger? Ooh there’s got to be something in that… x

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