Giveaway Time!

Last year’s Twin Cat Vintage giveaway proved to be very successful with winner Leuke taking home a lovely vintage mens’ plaid waistcoat. We’ve decided to do another giveaway to welcome in a new Twin Cat year, this time open to the girls (or a gentleman who is feeling generous to the lady in his life) and it’s super simple to enter! Here are the two great prizes you can pick from if you’re our lucky winner!


The selected prize will be shipped to your doorstep, totally free of charge!
*Competition open to residents of Australia only, sorry!


Visit our TCV Facebook Fanpage here
Click “Become a Fan” if you’re not one already
Then click “Suggest to Friends” and invite as many of your friends to become TCV fans too!
After you’ve done that, leave us a post on the wall letting us know you’ve invited your peeps,
we’ll automatically record you as an entry as soon as we see your comment!

The winner will be announced here on the blog in a few weeks!

Love Twin Cat Vintage xo

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5 Responses to Giveaway Time!

  1. Julia says:

    Hey there!
    Great giveaways:)
    I’ve moved back to Iceland but i’d still like to enter. Can I still enter if I offer to pay for postage???

  2. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Haha of course you can love!
    How exciting that you’re back home now, it must be great to see your friends and family again! xx

  3. nicole. says:

    oroton scarf looks super cute 🙂
    i’ll have to suggest you to my personal friends list, anything to help out a fellow vintage lover.

  4. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks Nicole, and likewise! x

  5. Eirryn says:

    Wooo – just invited all my friends! Excitement plus! x

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