Bat those Lashes

Images via Photobooth
(still toying with the idea of posting photos of myself, but it was a resolution of mine to post outfit pictures this year… it’s a start!)

I have developed an unhealthy obsession with fake eyelashes. I unfortunately am not genetically blessed with long, luscious lashes like many of you ladies, and for my whole life I have (over) compensated with an addiction to black kohl eyeliner. That addiction is yet to disappear (see exhibit a), only after having travelled to Japan now and seen the wonders that a decent pair of eyelashes will do, I think I am hooked for life. The only problem is of course when it comes to peeling them off, as I am pretty sure it takes what little natural ones I have, with it.

I wore this vintage sheer oversized top with black leather hot pants, thigh high stockings and vintage lace-up boots. It resulted in the following comment from my mother, “Oh wow. You really do look like a hooker tonight.” Upon reflection, it’s true. But give me a bit of leather and lace any day!

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