Top DIY Chanel (from Supre basics), Shorts DIY Studs (Levis), Boots (vintage Etsy find), Necklace Watch Pendant (Portobello Road Markets)

A fairly simple outfit for a fairly simple day.
I wish I could pull off wearing heels and fancy things everyday but I always feel like a bit of a knob if I’m running around the supermarket in the suburbs dressed to the 9’s.

Speaking of heels, I can’t wait to post a picture of what would have to be the best op-shop find Of My Life. (A big call, as I have found a many treasure).
I’ll give you a hint: Lace-up. Platform. Black Leather. Stilleto. Boots. Too good to be true? I’m fairly certain the world stopped moving and time stood still when I laid eyes on those beauties.

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One Response to NASA

  1. helena says:

    love the textures sam! also love how awesome you look in tshirts

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