Bowler Hat & Fringe Necklace (Sportsgirl), Shorts (ksubi), Boots (Zara), Singlet top (Supre)

Here I am looking puffy and red-faced from running around today in the hot hot weather. I don’t know why I insist on wearing boots regardless of the temperature, I guess you could call them a security blanket. And I’m publicly admitting to shopping at Supre too – you have to admit, some of their basics are good cheap options. I’m sorry the photo quality isn’t very good – it’s really hard to get photos of yourself when you’re usually the photographer.

I was so sad to read in the paper today that Sydney label ksubi have gone under. It’s hard to comprehend that such a successful brand and company was losing $7 million/year. I guess they spent it all on lavish parties, booze, babes and rats. I wonder what will happen to the line now.

Anyway, with the next Blackbird Market approaching tout suite, I better get back to work! x

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One Response to Albercurque

  1. Melissa Tan says:

    fantastic outfit. you are too cute!

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