It's good to be king

Blazer Cue (op-shop), Shirt Katies (op-shop), Shorts H&M (H&M Japan), Boots (op-shop)

Blazers aren’t usually my thing (I like to think a leather jacket works for every occasion), but when I came across this one by Cue the other day whilst out and about, I couldn’t let it go. I guess this is the closest I’d ever come to dressing like I work in an office. But with the hooker thigh-highs and the hooker boots, I guess that’s not really that close.

The other new find I am sporting is the floral button-up top (also found op-shopping). There was a ridiculously cute skirt that came with it, which will be in the TCV store shortly. Seeing as I have been very well-behaved in terms of splurging on purchases for my wardrobe lately, I can’t help but think that these op-shop finds will be welcomed into my life as deserving acquisitions. =) I also bought a new backdrop, and I am looking forward to shooting this week.

Love Sam xo

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