Black Powerpoint Top (ShopNastyGal.com)

Cloudy Leopard Knit (ShopNastyGal.com)

Ankle Stilt Boots (Mimi Loves Jimi) – Like I need another pair of black shoes, I know.

Matters Bike Shorts (Insight) – not sure about bike shorts, but I do love this print.

I’m far too broke to be able to actually buy anything right now, but it doesn’t hurt to look… right?

I’m photographing some amazing vintage tomorrow with Lucy so hopefully my shopping addiction can be fed shortly.

Sam x

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One Response to Wishlist

  1. Melissa Tan says:

    I THINK I WILL DIE WRITHING IN LUST if i look at that black powerpoint top again! AMAZING! Also Sam, I must congratulate again for blackbird markets – you savvy little business woman you! Love Mel! xxx

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