A horse is not a home

Dress, sunglasses& bag (vintage), Shoes (Lipstik)

My boyfriend took these portraits of me today while we were waiting for our tram in South Yarra. They’re not really outfit-post photos, but I just love how the light captures the feeling of the day.

It was one of those wonderfully perfect days where every direction you turn, you feel inspired. From the exhibition we visited at ACMI on Dennis Hopper and his incredible career in both film and the art world (there were works by Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, Roy Lichtenstein and Marcel Duchamp to name but a few), to the time we spent browsing the endless racks of beautiful vintage clothing in Retrostar – I know, I can’t believe I still browse even when I’m not on a “buying trip”. Then we made time to stop off for everyone’s favourite “budget lunch” at Hare Krishna, and spent the afternoon letting our imaginations wander through the shelves of thought-provoking and inspiring books and magazines at Metropolis.

I had so much self-control and only splashed out on a copy of “The Sartorialist”, which I have been meaning to get my paws on. It didn’t disappoint.

It’s so nice to be able to stop and have such a lovely and relaxed day with the sun shining and a faint breeze in the air, while the rest of the city works away behind doors and computer screens.

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4 Responses to A horse is not a home

  1. Jessy says:

    just beautiful. sounds like you had an amazing day x

  2. helena says:

    love the second tree shot!

  3. twee says:

    love this!!very sweet photos indeed!
    where is this beautiful tram stop?hahhha

  4. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks ladies – twee, love your vintage store. Such a lovely tram stop exists near the corner of Punt and Toorak roads. =)

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