Every picture

A few things sitting on my hard drive that are inspiring me tonight!

Rumi (Fashion Toast) for winter. Freakin love this girl’s style. I am particularly fond of the vintage Nirvana t-shirt paired with the chunky silver statement necklace.

A great pair of trousers. Enough with the leggings, this is so much classier.

Kristin (Bleach Black) and the double leopard. I guess if you’re wearing such amazing Chanel shoes it doesn’t matter what the rest of your outfit looks like. However, not many could get away with this much fierce.

White hair (and cheeky t-shirts)

Perfectly fringed hair (and gorgeous vintage sequins)

Watching enough Studio Ghibli to last a lifetime – my absolute favourite movies ever.

And 500 Days of Summer… the “Penis” game, which I recall playing many times, oh so fondly.

Hope you all had a splendid weekend! xx

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One Response to Every picture

  1. Mez says:

    Love all these photos.

    You’ve got a nice little blog happening here ladybug.

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