Follow the buyer

Image Credit – Scott Stephenson for LuisviaRoma

I would like to take a few seconds to applaud and congratulate (with a heart stuffed full of envy of course) my friend Scott who recently won the coveted Follow the Buyer competition with this very ensemble. He left our sunny suburban shores only a couple of months ago to pursue his dream of fashion styling in London, and already he is sitting front row at Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week (you could actually see Anna Wintour from his tweeted happy snap). Judging from his recent tweets and updates, he has been to Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Viktor & Rolf, Preen, Haider Ackermann, Lanvin and so many more.

I have never met a person before who I believed more strongly in than Scott, as I remember his diligent working at both primary and high school, and I could never get over his ability to save his hard-earned teenage pennies for months and months on end in order to buy just one brilliant designer item. (Scott has always been the best dressed guy on the train). He is going to be massive and this opportunity is just a stepping stone for what I am absolutely positive will be an incredible career.

Scott on this outfit:
“A look of modern sartorial charm in the form of foam-bonded wool, latex, heat-treated cashmere, bare ankles and panelled sleeves.
Gallant but soft-spoken.
Structured and languid.
Masculine and feminine.
Yes, I managed to pile all of this onto my lithe, 6ft 1” frame!

This is the guiding path of fashion, a combustible combination of the tailored past and a laser-cut future!
Just don’t ask me to sit down, Mr. Ghesquiere really did not consider that when making these trousers; it’s quite the challenge!

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