Kitty cat date

I am so pleased to unveil the very first Twin Cat Vintage video clip. My extremely talented partner-in-crime Chase Burns filmed this for us while we were on location shooting exciting new photos for another upcoming project!

I hope you all enjoy this video, it is the first of what I hope is many more to come.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this happen! xoxo

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6 Responses to Kitty cat date

  1. SALLYs says:

    ok, so that is so freaking adorable. like, that looks SO PROFESSIONAL. and i laughed a lot! seriously i love love love this…so very talented!

    xx come visit!

  2. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks so much Sally, he is amazingly talented definitely!
    Love your blog – you’re adorably funny and sweet. Link exchange? xo

  3. twee says:

    extremely talented!!!love your models too, they’re very pretty!!!!envy!!!maoww~


  4. Michelle says:

    merci for your lovely comment (:
    I really love your blog right back!
    wow this video is marvelous! with such great talent 😉

  5. The Damsel says:

    hey hey thanks heaps I really appreciate that. I love your store too, it’s fabulous, congratulations. Awesome vid too. Yep Melbourne is one of the places I go to, wish I could get there more often. Stay in touch, fellow vintie friends are good ones 😉 Ruby

  6. meg says:

    Ahh! I just love this! It’s so cute and kitch 🙂

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