The future is zebra

Top (, Skirt (Supre), Pendant (Portebello Markets)

I have a confession to make. At times I shop in Supre. And not only for basics.

I like to think of Supre as a great place to go whenever I’m having my own little Global Financial Crisis in my wallet, and I desperately want something new to wear. And most of the time, I will happily find a snazzy piece there and usually for under $50.

This skirt is one of those pieces, when I was thinking to myself, “You know what you’re truly missing from your wardrobe, Sam? A bodycon mini skirt with angular waistband in a striking black and white animal print.” Luckily for me, Supre was having an online sale and $10 later this beauty arrived via post. I also got a free “Rock the Schools” CD. Thank you Supre. You’re always looking out for me and my bank account.

You want to know something else cool? Today I got 20 cents from the bank FOR FREE. It was because I was at the bank teller, emptying out the last $25 from my account and she said, “You don’t want to close your account do you?” and I said, “No, I realise it’s empty now but I don’t want it closed.” So she put 20 cents in there, to stop it automatically closing off. 20 cents for free.

It was a pretty great day.

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3 Responses to The future is zebra

  1. Nice story about the bank! I love when random acts of kindness like that happen! Also love the zebra print skirt- it’s a great versatile piece and would look super cute with a neon tank!

    • Sam Twin Cat says:

      Thanks so much – and you’re right, a neon/bright top would be perfect – thanks for the suggestion and for dropping by the blog! xo

  2. nicole. says:

    oh i love your confession!
    such a funny opening line and i admire you for admitting it.
    i used to acutally work in supre for two years- crazay!

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