I have a crush..

.. on a photographer called Lara Jade. I don’t know why I haven’t seen her work before now, but she seriously blows my mind. I’m really fussy with photography, as it’s what I have my qualification in, so it takes something special to really make me sit up and pay attention.

Images from LaraJade.co.uk

Oh, and did I mention she’s only 20 years old? And also possibly one of the most attractive girls I have ever seen in my life?

Lara baby, you are divine!

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5 Responses to I have a crush..

  1. twee says:

    Love her work too~!
    had her as my research topic for uni, she’s gifted~!!


  2. diya says:

    this is soooo gorgeous! thanks for introducing a fresh photographer to me.

    ps. if you have time, please take a minute to check out my blog:

  3. lucinda says:

    I quite like her dreamy approach to photography – definitely makes me feel like an ameteur 🙂

    Do you think Lara does her own styling too?

  4. Sam Twin Cat says:

    I saw on her flickr page that she credits herself for styling for some of the shoots, but I think she also works with professional stylists for her bigger clients =) Makes me realise I have miles to go in the world of photography but it’s always so great to find inspiration like that! xo

  5. walkthesand says:

    This work is amazing. I’ll be honest… never heard of this girl before. But I’m a new fan, thanks for sharing.

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