Giveaway time!

It’s so simple! Much like our previous giveaways, you just need to make sure you are a fan of Twin Cat Vintage on Facebook (click here) and then just invite all of your friends to also become facebook fans. There’s a little button called “Suggest to friends” and for an easy way to invite everyone on your list at once, click here for a quick trick.

Once you’ve invited all your stylish friends, just leave a comment either here or on the actual Facebook page to let me know. The winner will be announced once enough entries have been registered, and you could be the winner of $50 of Twin Cat Vintage store credit, which can be redeemed in our store anytime over the next 12 months (not redeemable for cash).

This giveaway is open to anyone right around the world, so what are you waiting for?! Get that mouse moving! =)


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7 Responses to Giveaway time!

  1. Eirryn says:

    Done =) hooray! x

  2. Emma says:

    ooooh I want in! Going to suggest right now =)
    Fingers crossed xxxx!

  3. Lily says:

    i did it!!

  4. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks girls, I have added your names to the draw – good luck! xo

  5. Skye says:

    Yaaay! 🙂 Done!

  6. joyjoyc says:

    Done *fingers crossed* 🙂

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