Bustier (Evil Twin), Loose Singlet (Supre, worn knotted at front), Skirt (H&M, Norway), Boots (Zara, Tokyo)

I feel naked for two reasons today and it’s not because I’m wandering around clothes-less (that would be the obvious answer!). Instead, for one thing, there is a very distinct lack of vintage clothing on me and secondly, there is a distinct lack of metal train tracks along my teeth! (Replaced instead with a rather uncomfortable but also rather invisible plastic retainer. Hence the reason why I am beaming ear to ear in what is actually a pretty embarrassingly cheesey smile. I know, I know, what was I thinking, actually SMILING in a fashion outfit post? I must be all sorts of crazy!

I dug out this little skirt from the very back of my overstuffed (I nearly typed “overstudded” then, which would also be true) wardrobe, which I bought when I was 17 years old and living abroad in Norway. I’m so surprised I haven’t found a way to incorporate it into my current wardrobe up until now but boy am I glad I’m wearing it again – such a comfortable piece and a really pretty colour. I guess I will never get tired of mixing pretty, girly laces and pastels with toughened black biker chic.

And now one more photo for the scrapbook…

xoxo Sam

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4 Responses to Cheshire

  1. you are a gorgeous girl! i’m still swooning over your hair too 😉
    thank you SO much for featuring me on your facebook page! It made my day, it really did!! xx

  2. Sarah Louise says:

    Aw I absolutely love this skirt-it looks vintage and it’s an amazing colour on you-you should definitely wear it more often!don’t you just love it when you rediscover old clothes you had forgotten about!

  3. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thank you so much to both of you! What lovely comments xoxo

  4. Emma says:

    Just came across your blog. you’ve got some cool styles going on and I really dig that style of hair. I tried doing something similar but actually painstakingly grew it out. Looks way fresher the way you’ve done it!

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