Leopard in love

Leopard shirt (vintage), Velvet leggings (made by mum), Bracelet (markets), Necklace (made by me), Boots (Naughty Monkey)

Non-smiling photo? Check. Cliched nerd glasses? Check. Retarded pose to try and squeeze in a visual of the boots even though they clearly do not fit in the frame? Check check check.

To be honest, I’m just stoked on the weather in Melbourne finally starting to cool down. Autumn is setting in and I love it. I have a feeling that this slinky shirt I picked up at the markets over the weekend will become a staple for me, and as the sun disappears even further, a leather jacket could easily be thrown over. I love dressing for this kind of weather, although wearing cute and pretty vintage sundresses is fun, I can hardly wait for the darker, moodier palette of winter to be allowed to come out and play.

PS. How well am I doing with the outfit posts lately? Pat on the back.
PPS. If you’d like to exchange links do let me know, I’m always on the lookout for other stylephiles to get to know on this side of the world and the other. xo

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7 Responses to Leopard in love

  1. Emma says:

    i totally agree with what you said about lacking of the wedges in aust on my blog! I’ve been waiting for damn wedges since last year and australian shoe stores still havn;t got the picture! HURRY UP i say!

    Loving this outfit and the leggings! Will your mum make me some? I will totally do a full product review on my blog if she does!!! =)


  2. i think you are fast becoming one of my fav bloggers…every outfit post of yours i’ve seen i’ve been digging really hard! I can’t tell you how obsessed with leopard i am atm so i’m loving this look like none other 🙂

    ps. i would love to link exchange with you if you’d like to, i actually already had you up on my list anyway.. xx

  3. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thank you so much sweets, I have added you to the blogroll too – you’re easily one of my favourite bloggers! I think it’s both Emm (spin dizzy fall) and my dream to have a giant Aussie blogger meetup one day.. how amazing would that be? I love watching the Aus fashion blog community grow…

    And Em, I will definitely ask her! =) xo

  4. nicole. says:

    Ah sam, i keep forgetting you’re blog is not on blogger, i’m hopeless!
    Thank you for your comment too, it’s funny you mention the back drop as i was only saying to my boyfriend this morning how unfair it is when i see pretty french girls with their romantic buildings in the background. We just don’t have that around here. Luckily i stumbled across this area just at the end of my road, it’s so whimsical down there so some reason.

    ps. LOVE your leggings! they are insane. you’re mum should make them in a midnight blue- people would go crazy 🙂

    hope you’ve been well!
    and the leopard is to die for.. amazing.


  5. Yes I need more leopard in my life – this is just another convincing argument! I’d be happy to exchange links with you if you like 🙂 xo

  6. Twila says:

    I really like your hair color!


  7. Chloe says:

    ahh loving the leopard
    perfect with your hair

    love your style and your blog


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