Cheap thrills

Leather jacket (vintage), Leopard shirt (vintage), Black dress (vintage), Necklace (Mimco), Boots (Zara, Tokyo)

While my friends are doing things like getting engaged, buying land (okay, admittedly that’s just one of my friends) and working 9 – 5 jobs (and basically contributing to society in positive, responsible ways), I’m still sleeping in, staying up late and spending my money on cheap wine, cheap thrills & cutting my own hair. Which, by the way, is looking a little frightening in these photos.

Good thing I really like cheap wine.

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5 Responses to Cheap thrills

  1. Alexandria says:

    I’m in love with you hair!!!

  2. Emma says:

    glad im not the only one that feels like this =)


  3. As long as your having an awesome time thats all that matters!!!
    Great pics
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  4. twee says:

    you’re doing really well with your outfit post~!!!
    maybe i should start mine too!
    but before starting it i think i should get a wireless remote shutter~is it what you’re using to take photos of yourself now?

    keep it up~love reading your blog^^


  5. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Hi Twee, thanks I am pretty pleased with my efforts, haha. It’s also helpful because it’s encouraging me to dress more carefully every morning!
    I don’t have a wireless remote shutter, that would be awesome, but I just get my sister or whoever is around to take photos for me. Sometimes I’ll use a tripod, but that becomes really draining. xoxo

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