Hoppy easter!

Striped tee (Op-shop), Shorts (Vintage Levis), Boots (Hiroshima vintage store, Japan)
(It started raining just after this so I added a duffle coat, and the outfit looked a whole lot better after that, hmmm)

Dear readers, happy happy easter to you all! I hope you have an amazing holiday weekend with lots and lots of chocolate.

And if chocolate isn’t your thing (you crazy psychos), then perhaps a lovely piece of vintage from the TCV store might float your boat?
Here are some of my favourite pieces from the current collection, which are all ending within the next day, and are still at bargain basement prices.


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4 Responses to Hoppy easter!

  1. mo says:

    why is it that i never find vintage levis that fit me? youre a lucky duck.

    ive just gotten back into blogging after a long break – wondering if you could check out my blog LIKE A FOX and perhaps exchange links?


    Thanks! xo.

  2. SALLY says:

    I didn’t win the dress!!! So sad 😦 😦 I really really wanted it…so many sad fashioniable losses lately!! i had already planned multiple outfits around it already, boo hoo! oh well, will be checking back very soon!


  3. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Oh no Sally, I’m so sorry for you! I will keep an eye out for another velvet one for you, as I know they will be popular this season.. xoxo

  4. Lin_me says:

    Found you on twitter!! I am in love with your hair.. I got a little while before I can do something similar to you.. but my hair is dead straight so we will have to see how i got!

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